Kitt Del Sesto

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

Orange County Probation Department
Volunteer In Probation
Protestant Chaplaincy Ministry

Kitt Del SestoThe Protestant Chaplaincy Ministry (PCM) serves the Orange County Probation and Social Services Departments in meeting Title 15 requirements and the individual religious needs of incarcerated and housed youths. The PCM relies heavily on the use of volunteers to accomplish its mission within six juvenile Probation facilities, several Probation day-reporting centers, and the Orangewood Children and Families Center.

Since February 2004, Kitt Del Sesto has served as a Volunteer In Probation, dedicating her time, talents and energy to the PCM as a religious volunteer. Over the past six years, she has contributed more than 2,184 hours of service.

PCM volunteers must complete a four-month training process to become eligible for ministry, a process that requires a strong upfront commitment to provide excellence in volunteerism. Upon completing this training, Kitt has continuously served as a weekly Bible study volunteer in one of the high-security units in Juvenile Hall. She subsequently completed the additional training required to do one-on-one discipleship and is currently meeting weekly with three youths who are also housed in the high-security units. In these one-on-one activities, Kitt has demonstrated a rare ability to forge trust quickly and to impact young lives upon a first meeting. Though small in stature, Kitt has been fearless as she meets with seriously troubled youths who are housed in Juvenile Hall’s most secure units.

Over the years, Kitt has increased her volunteer commitment to include serving as a chaplain’s assistant, which involves teaming up with chaplains during Sunday morning church services to provide teaching, evangelism and interpretive dance set to religious music. She also meets with youths who request Bibles or contact for prayer and performs administrative duties in the Protestant Chaplain’s Office. In 2004, Kitt volunteered one evening a week. Currently, her volunteer endeavors span four or more days per week.

In addition to other duties, Kitt offers exceptional support to the PCM chaplains. She is credited with easing the chaplains’ heavy workload by providing:

  • a timely response to youths requesting one-on-one contact
  • coverage of small group Bible studies and church services
  • more opportunities for minors to receive one-on-one discipleship
  • a quality and efficiently run chaplain’s office

Throughout the years, Kitt has remained vigilant in her goal of ministering to troubled teens. She demonstrates tremendous compassion and care for incarcerated youths who in turn grow to respect and admire her commitment to their spiritual guidance. She is an invaluable member of the PCM team and an inspiration to Probation staff and volunteers. Most importantly, dozens of young people have been positively impacted as a result of Kitt’s volunteer efforts. She helps them to understand the value of making better choices and the importance of redirecting their lives.

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