Sharon Warren

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

OC Community Resources
OC Animal Care

Sharon WarrenACTION: What does the volunteer do?

Over the past five years, Sharon Warren has volunteered with OC Animal Care (OCAC) and contributed more than 6,450 hours of service. She is employed full time, but still manages to arrive at the shelter five or six days each week to fulfill her volunteer commitment.

Sharon is trained to assist with the OCAC’s special needs animals and provides additional shelter support by coordinating the distribution of clean bedding to every dog housed at the facility. This requires her to process donations of bedding and toys, organize the laundry room, wash and dry daily loads of laundry and deliver clean bedding throughout the shelter. She is skilled at safely getting into and out of hundreds of kennels each week with fresh blankets, comforting even the most fearful dogs with her gentle presence.

Sharon makes good use of her time while waiting for laundry to wash and dry by socializing and exercising dogs housed at the shelter so that they receive the attention and mental stimulation that’s vital to becoming health, happy and more adoptable pets. In addition, she is often the first volunteer to offer her time on holidays to provide extra care for the animals and maintain the supply of fresh bedding.

NEED: What community need is met?

Sharon provides exceptional support for OCAC kennel attendants by tackling the shelter’s laundry needs on a regular basis. Her commitment and reliability ensure that bedding supplied to the animals is properly cleaned and maintained. Her efforts bring comfort and warmth to abandoned pets while allowing staff to focus their time on other activities that are vital to the shelter’s mission and goals.

IMPACT: How is this volunteer making a difference?

Most of OCAC’s dogs have fresh blankets and bedding five to six days each week thanks to Sharon’s volunteer involvement. This act of kindness helps to reduce the stress experienced by many shelter animals and offers community members who visit OCAC the opportunity to see and interact with pets in a clean and comfortable environment.

INSPIRATION: What makes the volunteer unique/special?

Sharon’s level of dedication to a single task is absolutely amazing. Over the past five years, she has donated more than 1,000 hours each year to ensuring that every shelter dog has a warm, clean bed throughout the week. Her positive attitude and extraordinary work ethic are a welcome addition to OCAC and are worthy of our highest recognition.

Thank you and congratulations to Sharon Warren, 2016 Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner!

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