Tina Thompson

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

OC Community Resources
OC Parks
Orange County Zoo

photoTina Thompson has volunteered with the Orange County Zoo for more than six years and has contributed approximately 2,600 service hours. The Orange County Zoo is located inside beautiful Irvine Regional Park in the city of Orange. It is nestled among the majestic 477 acre wilderness park that is part of the OC Parks, a division of the County of Orange, OC Community Resources Department.

The Orange County Zoo focuses on the animals and plants native to the southwestern United States. Animals on exhibit include black bears, mountain lions, bald eagle, island foxes, ocelot, red-tailed hawk, great horned owls, porcupine, coyotes, turkey vultures, coati and more. The zoo also features a barnyard with domestic goats, chevoit sheep, jacob sheep, pot-bellied pigs, doves and pheasants.

As an Adopt-A-Park volunteer, Tina dedicates two days each week to her volunteer activities at the zoo. She works within the facility’s animal care section, assisting animal keepers with food preparation, exhibit cleaning, behavior observation and improvement projects. In addition, Tina cleans exhibit areas and feeds the goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits and chickens that are housed in the zoo’s barnyard exhibit. She readily tackles any assignment, including the less-than-glamorous job of cleaning the mountain lions off-exhibit holding areas.

Often, Tina interacts with zoo visitors, answering their questions about the animals and providing them with helpful information. Her involvement enhances the zoo’s efforts in educating the public about environmental issues and wildlife conservation.Through Tina’s endeavors, zoo visitors gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for the plants and animals of the region. Her long-term commitment is making a difference in Orange County for current and future generations.

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