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JWA Ambassadors & Tour Guides

John Wayne Airport Volunteer Ambassadors

The John Wayne Airport (JWA) Ambassador Program celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2008.  During the past year alone, 59 Ambassadors volunteered more than 8,000 hours.  The Ambassadors provide airport users with friendly, informed service that enhances their travel experience.  They are experts in customer service, knowledgeable about the airport’s history and familiar with its many amenities.  In addition, Ambassadors assist staff by quickly reporting incidents that may impact safety or security.

Each Ambassador serves a four-hour shift twice a month.  They are stationed in the concourse areas near the security screening points and are easily recognizable in their bright red blazers and proudly worn “May I Help You?” lapel buttons.  An Ambassador is often the first person that tourists speak with when they arrive at the busy airport.  They can be counted on to greet the public, answer questions and provide information.

Travelers and visitors who pass through the airport as well as airport employees and tenants frequently compliment the Ambassadors on the professional level of service that they consistently provide.  The individuals who make up the JWA Ambassador Program are an exceptional group of people who give generously of their time, talents and energy.  They are making an important difference in Orange County through their outstanding volunteer endeavors.

John Wayne Airport Volunteer Tour Guides

The John Wayne Airport (JWA) Tour Guide Program celebrates its eighteenth anniversary in 2008.  During the past year alone, an estimated 3,500 individuals gained a more in-depth understanding of the airport through the efforts of 11 volunteer Tour Guides.  Those leading the tours are a highly trained

JWA Tour Guides offer airport tours to elementary, high school and college students; scout groups; foreign visitors; at-risk youth; educators and Guide Dogs for the Blind groups.  Tours include an overview of aviation and its history in Orange County , focusing on age-appropriate information geared for specific groups visiting the terminal. Tour Guides are talented in making each tour fun and interactive for the participants while providing a wealth of information.

JWA is only one of two airports in the region that offers tours for the public.  The program was created in 1990 through a partnership with “The Ninety Nines,” a women’s aviation group.  Six of the current volunteers are pilots and active members of “The Ninety Nines.”  Airport visitors appreciate the sense of commitment, professional attitude and enthusiasm that the JWA Tour Guides consistently demonstrate.  They are making an important difference in Orange County through their outstanding volunteer endeavors.

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