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Crime Analyst Intern

Internship Position Description

Position Title:

Crime Analyst Intern - OC Sheriff's Department  (unpaid internship)

Intern positions are unpaid, and the background investigation can take three - four months to process.  Applicants must be enrolled in a California State Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certification Program with at least two of the required courses completed prior to starting the internship. Once an application is made, the selection process includes a review of application materials, an interview and a thorough background investigation.

Name and Location of Agency/Department Requesting Intern:

Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department (OCSD)
Investigations Division/Criminal Investigations Bureau/Crime Analysis Detail
Santa Ana, CA 92703

Functions of Agency/Department:

It is the mission of the Investigations Division to provide professional, responsive and caring law enforcement to the community by striving for excellence in every aspect of investigative services while maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity. The division maintains a high degree of professional knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of all investigative disciplines in order to pursue all investigations in full accordance with applicable laws, policies and procedures. The division provides quality, effective and timely investigative services in accordance with a courteous and professional manner to the communities served.

The Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB) is designed and administered to investigate and suppress all violators of law relating to General Investigations, Homicide, Sex Crimes, Family Violence, Economic and Computer Crimes, as well as various specialized units associated with county, state and federal task forces.

The Crime Analysis Detail (CAD) mission is to provide fusion of criminal law enforcement data, information, and intelligence for analytical support to increase efficiency of OCSD Operations and Investigations. CAD collects, maintains, analyzes, and disseminates actionable information and criminal intelligence to increase safety and security of the communities served by OCSD, while protecting the rights of the public.  CAD maintains responsibility for identification of chronic criminal locations and prolific criminal offenders within OCSD operational areas and synchronization of analytical conclusions to inform Operations, Investigations and Executive Command personnel to mitigate current and emerging crime trends.

Intern Duties/Responsibilities:

Interns will assist staff with the following projects and assignments:

  • Research, collect and analyze crime and community demographic data to determine criminal patterns and trends. 
  • Identify locations for optimal law enforcement presence patrols, utilizing pattern analysis.
  • Compile, organize and analyze criminal offender data using a variety of software and analytical tools. 
  • Generate visual aids, charts, graphs and maps to represent criminal activity. 
  • Utilize spreadsheets, databases, link analysis software and Geospatial Information Systems with statistical information to incorporate analytical findings into a finished law enforcement product. 
  • Detect and distinguish between differing crime patterns.

Educational Requirements:

Interns must maintain enrollment in a California State Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certification Program with at least two of the required courses completed prior to starting the internship.  Completion of a Bachelor’s or graduate degree is preferred, but not required. 

Skills, Training or Qualifications:

Crime Analyst Interns must possess proficiency in utilizing all Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access.  Proficiency in conducting open source internet queries and data mining for crime analysis data and information is also required.  Proficiency in utilizing Geospatial Information Systems is preferred, but not required.  Interns must possess critical thinking skills and the ability to work within a professional team environment while safeguarding law enforcement data. 

Time Commitment:

Interns must commit to a minimum of eight hours per week towards a 400-hour practicum.  Hours can be scheduled Mondays through Fridays during normal business hours.

Benefits Available to Intern

Although this is an unpaid internship that does not lead to permanent employment or include employee benefits, interns are offered the opportunity to fulfill a 400-hour practicum within a law enforcement agency as they work towards completion of the California State Department of Justice Certification Program in Crime and Intelligence Analysis.  Interns will also be part of a team dedicated to supporting the OCSD mission statement in providing safety and security to the community.

Application Process:

The application process starts with the submission of a resume, cover letter or letter of interest and unofficial transcript(s) to CountyofOrangeInterns@ocgov.comThe cover letter or letter of interest is an opportunity for applicants to describe career and academic goals and to elaborate upon personal interests/accomplishments related to the internship.

The following information must be included in application material. If information is missing, candidates may be disqualified.

  • GPA and list of Crime and Intelligence Analysis courses that have been completed or are in the process of completion.
  • Preferred start and end dates for the internship - please allow for the three - four month background investigation.
  • Number of hours that can be scheduled on a weekly basis.
  • Days/timeframes available to schedule internship hours.
  • Confirmation that the internship will be part of the California State Department of Justice Certification Program in Crime and Intelligence Analysis that requires a 400-hour practicum.

Required Background Investigation:

Background investigations that can take three - four months to process will be conducted on applicants who have successfully interviewed for the internship and wish to pursue placement.

The background investigation includes a 20 - 30-minute pre-screen interview. The pre-screen interview for out-of-state applicants can be conducted by phone. An additional three-hour in-person interview and Livescan fingerprinting are also required. 
Location for pre-screen and in-person background interviews:
Orange County Sheriff's Department Background Unit 
320 N Flower Street, Santa Ana CA, 92702

The following documents will be completed by qualified applicants during the background investigation:

  • Civilian Personal History form, includes employment history & arrest record
  • Notarized Authorization to Release Information form

As part of the background investigation, applicants will be required to provide five references along with original copies of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate (original or certified copy) or if applicable, naturalization certificate/resident card (Passport is not accepted.)
  • Valid, state-issued driver’s license or ID
  • Social Security card
  • Proof of current automobile liability insurance coverage, listing applicant as an insured driver
  • Official college transcript(s) (Required for applicants who have completed their degree(s) and must be submitted in a sealed/unopened envelope.)