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Don't Be (April) Fooled by Landfill Myths


Can we fool you? Celebrate April Fool’s Day by testing your knowledge on Orange County landfills!


A landfill is a dump.

False. Dumps are just holes in the ground. Landfills are highly engineered to steward the environment. Orange County landfills are lined and prevent waste byproducts from entering the groundwater.


Trash can be used as energy.

True. Buried trash naturally creates methane gas, which is collected and repurposed by a system of pipes, carefully placed under the fill areas. A vacuum system draws the methane into the pipes, where it is sent to an onsite power plant and converted into renewable energy. Collectively, powerplants at Orange County landfills produce enough energy to power approximately 51,160 homes annually.


There are no animals at a landfill.

False. All three active landfills include habitat restoration areas. OCWR has restored approximately 388 acres to offset landfill related impacts and to protect the diverse wildlife and plant life that thrives in the surrounding areas. These restoration areas provide homes and breeding grounds for various species, including the threatened Coastal California gnatcatcher and endangered Least-bell’s vireo birds.


To learn more about Orange County landfills, visit our website and watch our five minute video OC Landfills – The Inside Story. Make sure to follow us on social media @OCWaste for recycling and waste management tips and information.