Regional Grant Background

Overview of Past Grant Programs:

The first grant cycle, $1 million was allocated to Orange County cities based on population.  Through these grants, cities were able to implement recycling programs within their jurisdictions and further the State’s goal of diverting 50 percent of waste from Orange County Landfills.

The second grant cycle, $2.5 million was allocated to cities and schools throughout Orange County that formed partnerships.  Significant programs and initiatives from this grant cycle include establishing multi-family and commercial recycling programs throughout Orange County, funding food dehydrators and compost bins to enhance waste food waste reduction.

The third grant was established as a sustainable program, through which $1 million was allocated to nonprofit organizations for regional school waste reduction and environmental educational outreach programs.  The grant was for five years.  The County of Orange provided the first two years of funding and recipients sustained the program through alternative funding.

Following is a link to previous grant recipients:

  • Awarded grant recipients cycles one through three (PDF)